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Axcel develops strong companies in a responsible way

Accelerating growth since 1994

Based in Copenhagen and Stockholm we partner with high quality Nordic companies with the potential to grow.

Thanks to our Nordic heritage and network we know the ins and outs of doing business in this region, and families, entrepreneurs and managers have partnered with us to grow their companies for more than 25 years. 

We create successes through a combination of our team’s industrial network and experience and a systematic, growth-oriented value creation approach.

Our approach is collaborative and structured

Our approach to accelerating growth is based on collaboration and a proven value creation model; namely our Axcelerating Value Creation framework.

Our approach
Investment in companies
Add-on investments
Committed capital in EUR billion

Latest news

26 November 2020

Axcel creates a Danish market leader in the temporary staffing industry

In partnership with the owners of TeamVikaren/PersonaleBørsen, Protemp and Moment, Axcel is creating a market-leading temporary staffing agency with DKK 850 million in revenue and 150 expert employees spread across […]
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16 October 2020

Axcel invests in Currentum AB and creates a leading player in the Swedish technical installation market

Axcel enters into a partnership with Ventab, Ventilationsprojekt and Installationsbolaget to create a strong installation group within HVAC, H&S, sprinkler and building automation with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Södertälje, Nyköping, […]
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18 September 2020

SuperOffice acquires Infobridge Software B.V. - a Dutch provider of value-added calendar and ERP data synchronization and integration software for the SuperOffice CRM offering

On August 31, 2020, SuperOffice Group AS acquired Infobridge Software B.V. The business develops calendar and ERP data synchronization and integration solutions primarily for the SuperOffice CRM platform. The Infobridge […]
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