Axcel's structure

Axcel’s active funds are organised as limited partnerships in a tax-transparent structure that ensures that investors are taxed on their investment returns in their home countries. Axcel’s funds have a life of around 10 years and normally invest in a total of 10-12 companies, which are typically held for three to seven years.

Axcel’s funds are advised by Axcel Management, a management company owned by Axcel’s partners. The final decision on investments is taken by Axcel’s external Investment Board on the basis of a recommendation from Axcel’s Investment Committee. Axcel’s Operating Committee advises the management company on matters concerning the operation of portfolio companies. The board of Axcel Management takes decisions on general governance issues and appoints Axcel’s partners. Axcel’s Advisory Board advises the funds on general strategic issues, and its members also serve as advisers on concrete investment matters.

Current structure at Axcel

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